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Portable hand washing station in times of COVID-19

The current worldwide health crisis many times requires some creativity and some locally sourced solutions, with materials readily at hand. When it came to establishing additional hygiene routines, Fullmo GmbH in Markdorf decided to place a portable hand washing station outside the main entrance. So before anyone enters the building or even touches the main door handle, it's about washing hands according to the well-known recommendations.  Luckily, our talented and resourceful student at Fullmo came up with a clever solution based on two MovingCap 349 drives and a standard (low) pressure washer. The first MovingCap 349 drive acts as a master. It implements a "wash-your-hands cycle" and is started via a standard footswitch connected to one digital input. This drive controls the water flow, and via digital I/O it activates the second drive, which works as a contact-less soap dispenser. The "wash cycle" with fixed waiting times will make sure the soa