Sunday, January 18, 2015

Now available: fullmo USB2drive - the advanced USB to CAN and RS485 gateway

While supporting a wide range of third-party CAN Bus interfaces in fullmo Kickdrive and Kickdrive Zero, the fullmo product family is designed as a complete toolkit from gears, positioning drives, master control to the actual HMI software.

The new fullmo USB2drive is the missing link between Kickdrive software and CAN/CANopen or RS485 drive environments. fullmo Kickdrive automatically manages the USB2drive features and each Kickdrive application can deliver its own application firmware to the USB2drive. (For programmers - here's how it's done.)

The advantages for developers, integrators and end users are obvious:

  • Flexibility - the USB2drive can be whatever you want it to be: A CAN bus interface, a RS485 drive gateway, a master control running your own Python script.
  • Extensibility - new and upcoming firmware variants allow for new applications - multi-axis master control, python-based master control, I/O applications, SD card logging applications, ...
  • No breakage - usually flexibility and continuous development come at a heavy price when you need to guarantee that none of the previous applications out in the field will break. By making the USB2drive firmware an integral part of the Kickdrive project data, things that worked once will also work in the future. No "DLL hell" like scenarios, no manual firmware downgrade/upgrades by providing odd command-line tools and lengthy upgrade instructions to end customers. 

In addition to these unique features, the USB2drive also meet high industry standards by providing galvanic isolation on the CAN and RS485 side, and a dual CAN channel architecture with 10 microseconds resolution for the CAN bus monitoring.

For more details and order information see our USB2drive product overview.